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Things have finally changed!


Landlords and Owners of the Housing Societies now allow you to live with your ESA without any additional charges. Even the restaurant owners and airlines are ready to make some exceptions.

If you have an authentic ESA letter, the laws grant you a number of rights and privileges!

However, people are still confused about a number of things. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions:

What is an ESA Letter?

A legally enforceable, legitimate emotional support letter is a letter written by a licensed mental health professional that says that the said person has emotional or psychological problems. They will feel better when they are around and taking care of the said animal. These animals include several domestic animals like cats, dogs, birds, etc., and some reptiles.

How to get an ESA letter online?

A legitimate online service like has a team of licensed mental health professionals who review your application and can give you an ESA letter. But be careful. There are a lot of scammers out there.

If you qualify, which people do 85% of the time, you will get a signed ESA letter. It lets you take your emotional support animal with you when renting a house or traveling on a plane.

How to get an ESA letter for a landlord?

It is the same process. You answer questions online to get qualified quickly. Once you get qualified by an LMHP, your ESA Letter for housing will have the force of law under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988.

How can I make my dog an ESA so I can travel with him?

Your ESA Letter is a prescription from a doctor that says you are allowed to have your dog, which is an emotional support animal, with you on flights. You are protected by the law when you fly on an airplane. Though according to the new laws, you might be asked to pay an additional fee or take some necessary precautions.

How do I get my pet certified as an Emotional Support Animal?

You don't need to get a certification. There is no such thing as an ESA certification, and there is no list of certified animals anywhere in the world.

Any online service offering pet registration or membership in the registry of emotional support animals is not legitimate, and any documentation they send you will not be recognized by landlords or airlines.

Don't get ripped off! Only work with providers of authentic ESA letters who have licensed mental health professionals.

Can I get an ESA letter from my regular doctor?

ESA Letters are only legally recognized if written by a state-licensed psychotherapist, or psychiatrist. Your family doctor, dentist, or massage therapist can not give you an ESA Letter.

Make sure to see a licensed therapist in an office setting for this. It can cost as much as $300 per hour. If you do not want to spend that much money, then look online for providers like, which provides authentic ESA letters for an affordable price.

What will an ESA letter do for me?

An ESA Letter will help you take your pet with you. You can stay in most housing societies and fly with your pets. You won't have to pay any extra fees for living with your pet, and you'll be able to bring them almost anywhere.

What if an airline requires more than my ESA letter?

When you use a letter from, we will talk to the airline on your behalf and provide them with any needed documents. Just make sure to tell the airline that you will be flying in the passenger compartment with your pet at least a day before departure.

How can I purchase an ESA letter from an online website?

The process is simple, and you need to follow just 4 easy steps:

  • Fill out a simple questionnaire and submit it with the click of a button.
  • If you qualify, submit payment for the services of your licensed health care provider.
  • Your application is reviewed and assessed by a licensed therapist. If approved...
  • Your ESA Letter—signed by a licensed professional—is sent to you either by email or by the U.S. Postal Service.

How long is an ESA letter valid?

An ESA letter will be valid for one year from the date you get it. If you have ongoing symptoms that show you still need emotional support, then the doctor can give you a new ESA letter after a year.

I don’t have a pet at this time. Can I still qualify for an ESA letter?

Yes. Under the law, you are the patient who has some symptoms. A doctor will review them and then give you a letter that says that you can have an emotional support animal with you to help with your anxiety, depression, or insomnia. You can get the animal after you receive the letter.

We can provide you with a general ESA letter for your use. Once you get your new pet, just ask for another letter that has the specifics of your new pet.

How long is the ESA letter application process?

The online application takes a few minutes. A licensed professional must review it, and then the ESA Letter will be sent to you. It may take up to 24 hours but can be done on a rush order if you need it quickly. It usually takes about 48 hours.

Who actually writes the ESA letter? hires licensed mental health professionals to write you an ESA letter. We have more than 100 physicians, healthcare professionals, and other team members who take care of your needs so that you can stay happy and healthy with your emotional support animal.

How is an ESA letter received by landlords?

When you make your rental application, give the landlord a copy of your ESA letter. Different states have different laws, but under federal law, discrimination against people who need an ESA is not allowed.

If you have the ESA letter from an LMPH, you can bring any breed of emotional support animal without paying an additional fee. But if your animal damages something, it is your responsibility.

Does it cost more to register my pet as an Emotional Support Animal?

There is no national registry for emotional support animals. Don't pay someone to register your pet as an emotional support animal. If you have multiple pets that provide comfort and healing, each of those counts as one under your ESA letter when the letter is issued by a licensed therapist.

So, there is no need for registration. All you need is an Authorized ESA letter from an LMPH.

How is my ESA letter delivered to me?

You have many ways to get the delivery. One way is to send you a PDF attachment by email. Another way is to mail the document to your home, but it will cost more money. You can also use the Priority Mail service.

What is the difference between an emotional support animal and a service animal?

Your ESA is there for companionship and the comfort it brings. Service animals are trained to do specific tasks. They are bound to assist people with physical disabilities.

Moreover, your emotional support animal does not need to be trained. But you may not be able to go into some places because of health department rules. If you have an ESA letter, then it is likely that the person running the place will let you in.

Should I have my emotional support animal trained?

You do not need to train your ESA if your pet is well-behaved and you know how to control it. If your animal hurts someone or something, then you may be responsible for that person or thing and will be liable for damages.

Is my ESA letter legally enforceable?

Yes. You can have an emotional support animal letter that is legally enforceable. The Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Air Carrier Access Act protect people with emotional or mental disabilities and don't allow for discrimination.

With an ESA letter, will my pet be able to board aircraft and fly with me?

Yes, but it majorly depends on the will of the airline. The letter provides airlines the permission to give the accommodation for your pet. Your pet must be well-behaved, not be a threat or problem to anyone on the plane, and should not be noisy or scared.

Furthermore, you need to contact the airline before you fly with them so they can provide the necessary accommodations.

What if I fail to qualify for my ESA letter?

If your first therapist does not make you an ESA letter, you can ask for a second opinion. If the second therapist declines too, we will give you a refund for 100% of what was paid.

Are there other limitations or recommendations regarding the issuance of my ESA letter?

Be careful when using an online service to get your ESA letter. You don't want it to be fake. Some people might sell you things like tags, licenses, vests, and ID cards. Avoid them also.

Furthermore, the therapist writing your letter should always include their license number on it. If you have any questions about the process, contact our customer support team.

We have probably resolved most of your ESA-related queries!

It doesn't matter what breed, size, or species of pet you have. You just need to be able to prove that your symptoms are severe enough and that you've been under the care of a mental health provider in the past. If you're an anxious person who feels better around their pet, then you qualify for ESA Letter protections.

So, get an ESA letter now and make your life easier and happier!

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