Esa Letter for Housing - Live with Your Animal For Free & Peacefully

If you are looking to bring your emotional support animal home, you will need a genuine ESA letter for housing for it. is a reliable source that provides a genuine and legally enforceable ESA letter to everyone.

Emotional support animals, ESAs, are special kinds of pets that are not regarded as mere pets only. These animals are here for a purpose as they help mentally and emotionally challenged people.

Such people experience multiple issues in their personal and professional lives and many of them do not have appropriate help.

For them, having an emotional support animal is an ideal way of managing their symptoms and getting back on track with their lives.

ESA Letter for Housing - Your Ticket to Live with Your ESA for Free

Do you know that you can actually live with your animal for free if you have a genuine ESA letter for housing? That’s right!

These letters are officially written by mental health therapists. They signify that a person is mentally or emotionally challenged and needs his ESA for constant support.

With more people moving towards getting emotional support from animals, usually domesticated animals, like dogs, cats, miniature horses, and the likes, the need for legally sound housing letters has increased.

Unfortunately, many people either do not know or understand the importance of being on the right side of the law. Such people suffer and have to give up their animals at some point in life.

Others often suffer at the hands of fraud and illegal letter providers. Such companies and providers do not work with real therapists and give fake letters to unsuspecting ESA owners. To steer clear of them, it is important that you find and get your letter from a genuine source. is a genuine letter provider that works 24/7 and offers numerous benefits to the ESA owners. We have helped hundreds of people live with their ESAs peacefully, and we can help you too.

Besides, we have also answered some important questions related to living with an emotional support animal on our website.

Why Do People Get Emotional Support Animals?

Usually, people who are suffering from multiple emotional and mental disorders and limitations need additional support to manage their symptoms.

Moreover, studies prove that in many cases, animals are like supportive pets and prove to be a better support than humans. Sometimes, it is difficult to share everything with other human beings while the same could be really easy with animals.

Here are some common illnesses and symptoms that qualify for an emotional support animal.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobia
  • Insomnia
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Mood disorders

Animals do not judge, which makes them ideal as friends and, of course, emotional support animals.

Contact us to get yours today!

ESA Letter for Housing and The Fair Housing Act

The Federal Fair Housing Act is a federal law that prohibits landlords from discriminating against tenants based on race, color, social status, sexual orientation, and national origin. The act also protects people with disabilities such as mental or physical disabilities.

Under the FHA, no landlord can refuse to accommodate someone due to their condition in accordance with the federal statute. This is applicable if they have an authentic emotional support dog letter or an ESA letter for their specific animal.

You can live with your service dog and emotional support animals without any discrimination or pet fees under this act. Since these animals are not pets, landlords cannot ask for anything to accommodate them in their properties.

This act also compels landlords to update their policies regarding accommodations and make them more suitable for the ESA and service animal owners. In addition, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 also protect people with disabilities from discrimination.

Where are ESA Letters for Housing Used?

An ESA letter for housing could be used in many places, including;

  • Apartments
  • Rental residences
  • Condominiums
  • Housing societies
  • Housing units that are more than four units

In simple terms, you can avail of suitable accommodation, and no landlord could deny you of this right.

Can a Landlord Deny this Letter?

No, no landlord could deny a genuine and legally sound ESA letter for housing. However, if they do any such thing, you can either try to talk and reason with him or file an official complaint against him.

My Landlord is Asking for Pet Fee for my ESA, Is It Legal?

No, it is not legal if your landlord is asking for a pet fee to accommodate your ESA. as per the law, no landlord is allowed to ask for any additional fee to accept your emotional support animal. In case he does this, you can lodge a complaint against him.

How to Get a Legal ESA Letter for Housing?

If you’re looking to get an ESA letter for housing, bring your questions up with your therapist or doctor. If they aren’t familiar with this type of medical documentation, our team can help match them through a licensed healthcare professional who specializes in ESAs and is knowledgeable about how it works when applying for housing.

Our specialist will be able to provide the necessary documents needed so that you have no problem getting approved by any landlord!

Here is a 4-step procedure to get your ESA letter for housing.

  1. Talk to your therapist or fill the online questionnaire here at
  2. Communicate your symptoms and how an ESA could make you feel and do better.
  3. Allow the therapist to evaluate your symptoms.
  4. If qualified, get the letter within a few days.

If you choose to work with us, you will not have to go through a long waiting list before you communicate with a doctor or therapist. All you have to do is fill the questionnaire available on our website and get ready to get your letter.

Who can Write an ESA Letter for Housing?

To make sure the ESA letter is official and valid, it must be issued by a licensed healthcare professional. Letters are typically written by licensed medical professionals such as social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, or counselors.

Physicians, including physician assistants, may also write letters under HUD housing rules for an emotional support animal if they have received authorization from their state to do so.

If you are wondering if it’s okay for an online professional to issue ESA letters, the answer is yes! HUD has approved this as a legitimate method of treatment.

After COVID-19 broke out and more people started using telehealth services instead of going in person to see their therapist, they began recognizing how helpful these types of providers can be.

What should be included in an ESA Letter?

Here are the details that must be included in an emotional support animal letter for housing.

  • The therapist or the healthcare professional’s full name.
  • Full name of the tenant.
  • The therapist’s license number along with state and date of expiration.
  • Date of expiration of the letter.
  • The details of the ESA.

Adding all of these details is important, and it will also help you recognize the letter in case it is fake.

Benefits of Getting a Genuine ESA Letter for Housing

A genuine ESA housing letter provides numerous benefits to an ESA owner. Some of those benefits are given below.

  • It allows the owner to live with his animal in different kinds of residences like apartments, condos, and housing facilities.
  • It allows the ESA owner to live with his animal for free and without paying any additional costs.
  • It prohibits the landlord to discriminate against any ESA owner or refuse to house.
  • It protects your rights as an ESA owner.

Besides, you get the benefit of enjoying the company and support of your animal, which is the biggest benefit of all.

ESA Letter Samples

Want to know what an emotional support animal letter looks like? Want to know how to spot a fake one?

The best source to learn about an ESA letter is the ESA letter samples.

Here a few samples for your assistance:

ESA Letter for Housing

ESA Letter for Housing

ESA Letter for Flying

ESA Letter for Flying

Combo ESA Letter Sample

Combo ESA Letter Sample

Get your Valid ESA Letter for Housing from! is a professional and reliable ESA letter provider that has licensed mental health professionals to write your letter. We understand how important it is for you to get a legitimate ESA letter and are here 24 hours to help you get your letter on time and without any delay.

Fill the online questionnaire now and see if you qualify for an ESA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do ESA letters last for housing?

An ESA housing letter is valid for the entire tenure of your ownership, but it is still suggested that you get your letter renewed every year. Some landlords ask the tenants to get their letters renewed in time.

How much do ESA letters cost?

Typically, a complete assessment costs anywhere between $100 to $150, but it also depends on the service or company you work with.

Do ESA dogs need a vest?

ESA owners are not legally bound to get a vest for their ESA dogs, but it is advisable that you do get it for your animal. It will help in identifying your animal as an ESA and find it in case he gets lost.

How can I get a free ESA letter?

The only way to get a free ESA letter is to get it from your LMHP. If you do not have one, you will have to get it online from a letter provider. But such services are not free.

How hard is it to get an ESA letter?

Usually, it is not that hard to get an ESA letter, but you need to find and work with a legal provider to ensure that you get a legal letter.