Suffering From an Emotional or Mental Issue? Is Your Pet Your Only Source of Comfort? You are Most Likely to Qualify!

You don't need to be crazy to want an emotional support animal!

Sometimes people who are sad, scared, or restless feel better when they have their pet around. This doesn’t mean ESAs can’t help with an extreme mental illness. They majorly help in relieving the symptoms of major mental or emotional illnesses also.

These are the Questions You Need to Ask Yourself:

  • Does living with a pet make you feel better?
  • Will traveling with a pet help you feel relaxed?
  • Will taking your pet along on vacation or in a hotel make the holiday more enjoyable for you?
  • Does taking your pet along to the office or at work help you perform better? Does it increase your productivity? Does it give you a sense of purpose?


If it is a “yes” to one or more of these questions, you are apt to qualify as an ESA owner and have an emotional support animal.

An ESA letter will help you feel better. It won't cure the disease you are suffering from, but it will make you feel less stressed and anxious because of the things that worry you.

The team at is here to help you be happy and productive!

It can be hard when your landlord doesn’t let you have an ESA or charges too much for deposits. We want to make sure that the ESA laws protect you as a tenant. So, we are here with an authentic ESA letter to help with unreasonable restrictions and unfair fees.

Have a well-behaved passionate ESA? Or want to get one?

Get an ESA letter so that you are able to live with them wherever you want!