Martingale Collar - Top 8 Martingale Collars for Dogs

Having a narrow-headed canine and looking for a suitable dog collar? A martingale collar is what you are looking for. It is a better option than the usual chain and choke dog collars and it allows greater freedom of movement for your canine. Here are the top 8 choices for you to choose from.

Usually, dogs are known for their loyalty and the ‘sticking around’ kind of personality. However, there are some breeds that are notorious for slipping away. Having a martingale collar will help you prevent such accidents without harming your dog.

Here is a quick overview of what brands are discussed in the blog;

  • Wolfgang Martingale Collar
  • Max and Neo Martingale Collar
  • PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar
  • Dazzber Martingale Collar
  • Country Brook Petz Martingale Collar
  • If It Barks Martingale Collar
  • Blueberry Pet Martingale Collar
  • Auburn Leathercrafters Martingale Collar

Let's begin with the blog.

What is a Martingale Collar?

A dog collar with a no-slip or limited-slip collar often called a Martingale collar gives better control than a flat collar to keep dogs from backing out or slipping out.

The smaller loop has a D-ring at the end, which distinguishes it from a flat collar. They resemble a flat collar, but about a third of the length is actually a tiny loop with a D-ring linked. Instead of fabric, some martingale collars have a small loop made of a chain.

When the dog pulls on the leash, the collar tightens. As a result of the strain on the leash, the smaller loop contracts, bringing the bigger loop closer but not too much!

Martingale collars are adjustable and should never be tightened past your dog's neck size. They give secure comfort without injuring your pet.

This is why professional dog trainers suggest using martingale collars for your dog.

What's the Difference between a Martingale Collar and a Choke Collar?

A martingale collar looks similar to a choke collar because it tightens when the leash is taut. A well-fitting martingale collar, on the other hand, does not restrict a dog's breathing or blood circulation.

A martingale collar can only tighten to the width of a dog's neck, unlike a chain choke collar, which has no limit on how tightly it can squeeze.

For What Types of Dogs should Martingale Collars be Used?

The Martingale collar, also known as a "greyhound collar," is utilized on dogs with smaller heads than their necks. Greyhounds, Whippets, Salukis, and other slim-necked canines are fans of this style.

They aren't only for sighthounds, as the name implies! They're wonderful for dogs that want to prance out of their collar or for individuals who just want a little more leash control without putting their dog in danger.

Many rescue organizations, in fact, utilize martingales as "back-up collars," putting them next to flat collars for enhanced safety on walks.

Best Martingale Collars - Top 8 Choices

Here are the top picks for 2022;

  1. 1. Wolfgang Martingale Collar
  2. Wolfgang's Man & Beast's martingale dog collars have some of the most unique and beautiful patterns we've seen on any dog collar, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

    Wolfgang's variety of patterns makes these martingale collars popular among art lovers, whether they are artist-designed designs that showcase the beauty of the United States National Parks, colorful ocean waves and native prints, or diverse landscapes.


    • There are many different artist-created patterns and designs to select from
    • Collars come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 to 29 inches long
    • Strong metal D-ring and connectors, as well as a hearty locking plastic buckle
    • Adjustable for a customized and perfect fit
  3. 2. Max and Neo Martingale Collar
  4. Max and Neo's minimalist yet efficient martingale collar is constructed of strong nylon and comes with locking plastic buckles for an extra layer of protection.
  5. For each collar purchased, Max and Neo donate a collar to a homeless dog in need, which is an excellent method to give back to our four-legged friends.
  6. Features:
    • A dog's tag is attached to the Martingale collar with a separate loop
    • For better nighttime visibility, the Collar has reflective stitching
    • Different color choices are available to show off your pal's flair
    • The collar is made of durable, elastic material and has sizes ranging from 10 to 33 inches long
    • Max and Neo donates a percentage of profits to animal shelters in the United States
    • Additional security is provided by the locking buckle.
  7. 3. PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar
  8. The PetSafe waterproof Martingale harness is an excellent value for money. The effectiveness and ease of use of this collar have helped it to remain your dog safe without breaking the bank.

    There are many widths and colors, as well as lengths ranging from 5 to 20 inches, available with this nylon martingale collar.


    • Choose from three widths: ⅜, ¾, and 1 inch.
    • The Dog Collar is available in 6 colors.
    • The buckle-free collar is simple to adjust for your dog's needs.
    • Nylon with a robust construction
    • Collar length varies from 5 to 20 inches, depending on the size of your pup.
  9. 4. Dazzber Martingale Collar
  10. These adorable patterned martingale collars from Dazzber are certainly worth considering if you have a fashionable pup. These collars, which are held together with box stitching and available in 16 different color options, will keep your dog safe while also helping him to look handsome.


    • Collar lengths range from 8 to 25 inches.
    • The collar is made of polyester fabric, which makes it very durable.
    • The stainless steel hardware is simple to change.
    • No straps to tie, no buckles to worry about.
    • There are so many gorgeous designs to choose from!
    • Box seam stitching is reinforced.
    • Washable in the machine
  11. 5. Country Brook Petz Martingale Collar
  12. Brook Pets has a large range of martingale collars, with many length and width choices. But, most importantly, this buckle-free collar comes in over 20 distinct colors, allowing you to pick the perfect hue for your pooch.


    • Choose between a range of widths, from ⅜ to 1 inch.
    • The design is buckle-free, which helps to further eliminate escapes.
    • Nylon collar comes in sizes ranging from 5 to 31 inches and is sturdy enough for even the most energetic dogs.
    • The dog's collar is made in the United States.
    • 20 different color possibilities.
  13. 6. If It Barks Martingale Collar
  14. Extra-wide collars from If It Barks are ideal for pups with smaller head circumferences. The attractive striped collars look fantastic, are comfy to wear, and have an (optional) buckle that makes it simple to remove your dog's collar with ease.


    • The martingale collars are produced in the United States.
    • A buckle may or may not be included.
    • Large collars with 1-inch thickness
    • Has a variety of lengths to choose from, ranging from 11 to 30 inches.
    • The design is available in a variety of 10 distinct striped color alternatives.
  15. 7. Blueberry Pet Martingale Collar
  16. The Blueberry Pet martingale collar is fully customizable for your dog. Between 7.5 and 20 inches long, you can choose from eleven color options and widths ranging from 7.5 to 20 inches.

    These nylon collars may also be personalized with your pet's name and a phone number for added coolness.


    • Collars made of durable nylon should endure for years
    • Your canine is safe with a buckle-free design
    • Sizing options range from 7.5 to 20 inches long
    • 11 distinct color choices
    • Name and contact information available on adjustable collars
  17. 8. Auburn Leathercrafters Martingale Collar
  18. This sheep-wool-lined martingale from Auburn Leathercrafters is a fantastic choice for high-end collars to keep your dog comfy and safe.

    This ultra-comfortable dog collar is available in sizes ranging from 10 to 26 inches, with widths of 1 or 2 inches, and costs a bit more than most of the other collars.


    • The collar is made of sturdy leather with sheepskin inside to keep your dog comfy.
    • Collar lengths from 10 to 26 inches long are available.
    • Available in five distinct color choices.
    • The sheepskin interior aids in the reduction of neck irritation.
    • The sturdy stainless steel chain and attachments are a testament to its durability.

All of these collars make excellent choices for pets, ESAs, and dogs working in dog rescue.

Reasons to Have a Martingale Collar for Your Dog

There are few things more frightening for many dog owners than their pet escaping from its collar. A good collar for your dog is essential to prevent this. The martingale design comes in handy here.

Here's a rundown of the factors that make martingale collars that make a good choice for your dog:

  • The Design Prevents Your Dog From Slipping Out of It
  • Some breeds, like sighthounds, are prone to slipping out of their collars. Furthermore, the texture of your dog's fur may make it simpler for them to slip out of their collars.

    The martingale design, on the other hand, makes this a lot more difficult. And to top it off, it works for any sort of head form, neck length, or fur texture.

  • The Collars are a Fantastic Training Device
  • If your dog is still learning how to walk on a leash, he is more inclined to pull the collar and tug.

    Choking, as well as major damage, can result from this kind of conduct. Especially when you use incorrect dog-walking equipment.

    Fortunately, martingale collars guarantee that this does not happen to your dog.

    The adjustable loop tightens around your dog's neck as needed when pulled against. This assures that the band is never too tight that it chokes your pet.

    When you remove your dog's collar and leash, the elastic band automatically resets itself to its original diameter.

    The discomfort and tightness that your puppy feels during the practice are associated with tugging and pulling. As a result, they learn appropriate leash behavior.

  • They're More Gentle Than Other Alternatives
  • The Martingale collars are kind. You may adjust the length until it reaches a point where your pet's neck is unable to be compressed any further.

    When tension is applied, they constrict evenly and uniformly to avoid choking or harm.

    They also allow you to customize your harness for a more comfortable fit. They also enable you to make small adjustments so that your pet fits better in the harness.

  • They're Fashionable
  • There are a variety of colors to select from while shopping for a martingale collar. Chain martingale collars with heavy-duty nylon fabric for the first loop and a steel chain for the second loop are available from dogIDs, for example.

    The martingale collar is a wonderful complement to your dog's regular, day-to-day collar. It may also be used for training. It all depends on your requirements.

    A martingale collar is better than a usual collar in many ways. It allows greater comfort for your dog, and you will be able to control your dog without hurting him.

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