A Complete Guide on How to Groom a Dog- Steps & Tips

Grooming is important for your dog’s wellbeing. You won’t always be able to go to a vet, so it is important to know how to groom your dog at home.

Proper grooming is more than just cleaning your dog’s fur. It is a step-by-step process that might involve light trimming of your dog’s fur as well. If you are noticing long nails and more fur than usual around the house, then it is time to groom your precious dog.

The steps of grooming your dog or ESA are not complicated. You can easily understand the process by reading this blog.

Routine grooming will allow you to examine any problem with its fur or teeth so you can take your furry friend to the vet. Home grooming also makes your dog feel good and fresh.

What is Dog Grooming?

Dog grooming means taking care of your dog’s outer appearance. Grooming makes your dog look fresh and healthier. It is important to groom your dog so you can recognize if there is any problem with its fur or teeth that needs a vet’s attention.

Grooming includes multiple steps with a few important tools that are discussed in this blog. Your furry friends need grooming to feel good and look good as well.

Unclipped nails can be harmful if the dog scratches itself too much. Similarly, matted fur can catch fleas which can become a serious health concern.

How Much Does it Cost to Groom a Dog?

The average cost of grooming a dog is somewhere around $75 if you have a large dog. If you are wondering how much does it cost to groom a dog, it depends on the size of your dog.

Also, whether you want to take full grooming services or only a wash. To keep your precious fur baby safe from any such troubles, read further.

How to Groom your Dog at Home?

“How to groom a dog step-by-step?”

Grooming at home can be confusing for new dog owners or for people who have emotional support dogs. To have an unbothered grooming session, read the following steps:

“How can I groom my dog at home?”

  1. 1. Get your Tools Ready
  2. Before running the bath for your dog, make sure that you have all the supplies ready. You will need clippers to cut your dog’s fur. Similarly, take out the shampoo, dryer, and nail clippers.

    You should also buy brushes depending on your dog’s fur. If you plan on cutting its hair, then buy a pair of hair clippers to clean your dog like a professional groomer.

  3. 2. A Safe Space for Grooming
  4. Your dog might get scared of the water or make a fuss when you clip its nails. Make sure that you are grooming in a safe place where it is easy for you to handle your dog. The area should not be slippery and don’t pet your dog as they might try to jump on you.

  5. 3. Keep Your Dog Calm During the Grooming Session
  6. While some dogs love their bath time, others absolutely despise being wet and getting their nails cut. You should know how to make it stay calm.

    You can use dog treats to distract the dog or if your dog loves listening to you then talk to them while they are being groomed. You can also take a break in between the process to give a little rest to your dog.

What are the Essential Grooming Tools?

Hair and dog nail clippers and scissors are the most essential tools needed to groom your dog at home. You can’t just brush the hairs and leave them be. The dog’s hair will get tangled again.

As you brush its hair, trim them a little so the length is easy for you to manage. If you have a short-haired dog, then you won’t need hair clippers that often.

Use Nail Clippers to Trim your Dog’s Nails

A nail-cutting tool is required if you want to trim your dog’s nails. The kit will have a nail clipper for dogs along with styptic powder that helps control bleeding during nail cutting.

Cutting nails is difficult because you might accidentally cut the dog’s skin, which can lead to bleeding. Trim nails regularly to maintain cleanliness.

If you don’t know how to cut nails while making sure that the dog stays calm then it is better to visit a vet. In case of an injury, your dog will suffer a lot. Vets are trained to perform these tasks, they will keep your precious animal calm.

Dog’s nails get discolored sometimes, if you see white nails on your emotional support dog then it is a medical condition and you should take your dog to a vet.

How to Groom Different Parts of Your Dog’s Body?

The eyes, ears, legs, fur and undercoat - all parts of your dog’s body needs special attention. Here we explain how you can groom each of these parts to keep your dog healthy.

How to Brush Your Dog’s Hair?

It is difficult to comb wet hair with tangles. Before you give your dog a bath, untangle its hair and brush them so the shampoo can reach the bottom of the fur. Brushing the fur before a bath will make the grooming easier for you as well.

  • Use a Bathtub Instead of a Faucet : Bathing your dog with a faucet will cause a lot of mess. If your dog tries to run away, you will get wet as well. It is better to bathe your dog in a tub where it can sit and the movement will also be restricted.
  • Properly Dry your Dog’s Hair : Drying your dog’s hair after giving him a bath is equally important. Properly dried hair will be easy to brush and they will shine. For dogs with a thick coat, take it out in the sun after using a dryer so that the fur is entirely dry.

Instead of brushing its wet hair, use your hand to run your fingers in its fur.

How to Groom Matted Hair?

Not brushing regularly can lead to matted hair which is a huge problem. Matted hair will make your dog uncomfortable and difficult for you to brush their fur. In case the tangles are out of control, take it to a vet because doing it yourself might be harmful for your dog.

  • Start Slowly: If you still want to brush your furry friend at home, start slowly. Don’t be hasty or else your dog will get agitated. If your dog has long hair, brush them regularly as long-haired dogs get tangled very easily.
  • Make Sections: Matted hair is difficult to manage because of the tangles and a thick coat. If you have a dog or an ESA with long hair, then first make smaller sections to handle. Comb the smaller sections so you can shampoo them easily.
  • Use Cornstarch: A tip to brush matted hair easily is by applying some cornstarch on matted hair.
  • Use a Shampoo to Detangle: Similarly, if your dog has long hair, then use a good shampoo to take care of its hair. De-tangle before putting your dog inside the bathtub and make sure you clip its nails after the bath. You will need a large towel to dry off your dog’s coat.

If you still can’t handle the matted hair, it is better to take the poor animal to a vet who is professionally trained to do all this.

How to Groom Your Dog’s Teeth?

Dogs have a special toothpaste and toothbrush that you can use to clean their teeth at home. Some dogs don’t like their teeth brushed, you can start by rubbing your fingers on their teeth. To make them feel better, you can let your dog sniff and lick some of the toothpaste.

Once they sniff it, your furry friend will not get frustrated. You can also buy toys that will help clean the dog’s teeth. If you notice tartar on your dog’s teeth, you should visit a vet.

How to Groom Your Dog’s Paws?

If your dog is not used to getting his paws and nails cleaned, then it might be difficult to calm down the dog at first. Once your dog is used to the process, they will love the grooming session.

To clean the paws, follow these simple steps:

    Take a warm trowel to gently massage and clean the paws and the area between the paw pads. Make sure that your puppy's paws are not dry or cracked.

    After cleaning the paws, apply some balm on top of the paws to protect them from dryness.

Cleaning your Dog’s Eyes At Home

Cleaning your dog’s eyes is equally important as is cleaning their fur or other body parts. However, you need to be careful!

Instead of using chemicals to clean your dog’s eyes, invest in cotton balls that can easily remove eye discharge.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears?

Dog’s ears are very sensitive and if water gets inside, your dog will start moving around or making a fuss. Cotton balls are an excellent way of preventing water from getting inside the dog’s ear.

You can take the cotton balls out after the bath to clean the wax inside the ear. If your dog has long ears, brush them regularly. Ears also get dirty because dogs are hyper and they love to move around.

If you think you can’t clean the ears properly or if the process is time-consuming, then it is better to visit a vet for your pet’s safety.

How to Groom a Dog’s Legs?

Use scissors or clippers to groom your dog’s legs. Brush the legs first so there are no tangles. Depending on the length you need on the legs, use the tools to trim the fur. Use lukewarm water to clean your dog’s legs.

Dogs who are active and love to play in the mud will be extra dirty so make sure you clean the legs properly. If you can’t find time for a grooming session, you can take your dog to a groomer for a soothing massage.

A professional groomer knows how to massage the pressure points in your dog to make him feel better.

How to Groom a Dog with Clippers?

Clippers are a tool to groom your dog’s hair. Choose clippers that don’t make a lot of noise, and are reliable. Make sure that the clipper blade is sharp enough, so it can comb and cut the hair properly.

If you are not sure how to do it, ask a professional groomer. Don’t take any risks while doing it because you might hurt your pet. Choose the right clippers for your dog, depending on its coat and length of hair.

Sometimes clippers get too hot and might burn your dog’s skin. Search for the best nail clippers that don’t overheat and burn your dog’s skin.

How to Groom a Dog that Bites?

Some dogs hate water and get aggressive when you try to groom them. Even clipping nails and brushing their fur can make such dogs frustrated. It can lead to serious situations such as the dog biting you.

If you are worried about how to groom a dog who hates it or how to groom a dog’s face, then read these tips:

  • Groom your dog after its playtime so that your dog is tired with less energy.
  • Don’t spend hours grooming your dog. Keep it under 10 minutes.
  • Once your dog smells the tools and feels safe with them, it won’t try to bite you.
  • If you think you can’t handle it at all, take your dog to a professional groomer. You can also try making your pet wear a muzzle to stay safe.
  • Overly sensitive dogs can be distracted with treats or their favorite snack.

How to Groom a Dog with an Undercoat?

An undercoat means that a dog has double-coated fur. It might be tricky to groom a dog that has thick fur. Collies, Siberian husky and golden retrievers have undercoats. Breeds that have an undercoat shed excessively.

Here is how you can groom an undercoat:

  • First, brush your dog’s fur from head to tail with an undercoat rake.
  • After you have brushed the hair, place cotton balls in its ears and place your dog inside the tub.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash the fur of your dog and start rubbing shampoo in the fur.
  • After washing the shampoo off, rub your dog’s fur with a towel until it is completely dry.

Make sure that you completely rinse off the shampoo from your dog’s fur. Leftover shampoo can cause an allergic reaction or a rash.

When to Take Your Dog to a Professional Groomer?

Grooming your dog is not that difficult, honestly, it can be fun sometimes too. However, there are some services that you can’t provide your dog at home. It is important for them to visit a professional groomer.

These include skin infections or skin allergies that can’t be treated at home. It is important to not use a medicated cream at home without consulting a vet first. Vets provide a professional service.

If your dog does have an illness, your vet can provide an early diagnosis. The treatment will be more effective and you can save your dog from a long-term illness. Make sure that you don’t neglect your dog’s checkups.

Don’ts of Grooming Your Dog

There are some common mistakes that people make while grooming their dogs at home. These Don’ts include:

  1. Don’t be in a rush when you are grooming your dog. Rushing the process will make your dog nervous and confused.
  2. Don’t grip the dog by its fur when you are giving it a bath. This will restrict its movement and make your dog even more agitated.
  3. Don’t use scented shampoos as they contain more chemicals than other shampoos. If your precious dog already has sensitive skin, then it will make it worse.
  4. Lastly, don’t bathe your dog every other day because that will strip the natural oils from its skin. These natural oils are very important for a healthy fur coat.

Keeping an ESA doesn’t mean only getting an ESA letter but it comes as a huge responsibility. You must take care of your dog or ESA as they are your responsibility. These furry friends support you emotionally and in return, you must make sure that they are clean and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you groom a dog for beginners?

For beginners it is important to know that you first need to have the right tools to groom your dog. Once you have them then you need to pick the right place according to the size of your dog. Then calmly brush, clip or trim your dog’s hair or other body parts to groom them.

What are the 7 steps of grooming a dog?

The 7 steps to groom a dog are:

  1. Have the right tools
  2. Brush their hair gently
  3. Give it a nice bath
  4. Trim the nail carefully
  5. Clean the ears properly
  6. Brush its teeth
  7. Clip the out growths if necessary

How do I groom my dog like a professional?

You can groom your dog like a professional by using the correct tools and proceeding step wise. Begin with the hair then slowly move to other parts of their body. This includes their eyes, ears, teeth, undercoat, legs, and nails.

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