Emotional Support Dog Vest - Benefits & Best Vest Choices for 2022

Emotional Support Dog Vest

Do you know that getting an ESA dog vest offers and provides numerous benefits to you?

Many people do not know that having a vest for their ESA dog has a lot of benefits. Though it is not a requirement by any law, having a dog vest means that you could identify your dog as a support animal easily and without any effort.

Dogs are adorable and, let's be honest, whenever we see a cute and lovely canine, we could not help petting him.

There is nothing wrong with petting him but you should remember that he is not a pet. He is an animal with purpose and petting him could distract him from it. Having an emotional and service dog vest would inform the people that your animal is a support animal.

Read the blog to know more about how an emotional support dog vest benefits you and your dog.

Emotional Support Dog Vest - Is it a Requirement by Law?

Though having an emotional support dog vest offers numerous benefits, it is not a requirement by any law. Many people, especially the new ESA owners, think that having a vest is a requirement rather than a choice.

Many times, fake ESA letter providers also mislead them into believing that an ESA vest is a requirement. Getting the vest is a choice. But, we strongly suggest that you get it for your dog.

The federal laws governing emotional support animals; Fair Housing Act (FHA) and Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) help the people having ESAs but none of them state anything about having an ESA vest. The ACAA is not as functional as it was before but FHA still protects the housing rights of the ESA owners.

Having a vest for your support animal offers a lot of benefits, which is especially helpful when you are traveling with your dog.

Why Get a Vest for an Emotional Support Dog?

‘What are the benefits of having an ESA vest for my dog?’

Though not a requirement, these vests offer loads of benefits to you and your animal. They help you communicate the status of your animal and avoid excessive petting by strangers.

Here are some of the other benefits of having an ESA dog vest.

  • It Helps in Identifying your Animal

    Emotional support animals are different from pets but people do not know about them. Having a vest helps others know that your dog is more than a pet. Moreover, it will save you time also that you would otherwise have to spend in explaining the status of your animal.

  • It will Help in Finding your Lost ESA

    This feature is especially helpful when you are traveling with your animal or enjoying a vacation. Each year, hundreds of families and people lose their pets and ESAs, and many of them could not find them.

    A vest would act as an identification mark also and would help you find your animal easily.

    To make it even easier, get an emotional support dog vest and ID. Print or write your complete details on the dog’s ID card. This way, anyone who would find your animal could contact you easily.

  • It is Helpful for Both ESA and Service Dog

    Besides emotional support dogs, these vests are helpful and beneficial for service animals also. Service animals are different from emotional support animals. These animals are helpful for people who have physical disabilities and need help moving around.

    Usually, only dogs and miniature horses are identified as service animals.

  • They are Available in Different Colors

    These vests are available in bright colors that make your animal difficult to ignore. People are usually busy on their phones and because of this, they may fail to notice your animal. Having a bright-colored vest on your animal would help in identifying him easily and at all places.

    These places include supermarkets, parks, stores, and other places that may not allow animals otherwise.

How to Get an Emotional Support Dog Vest?

You can get your dog’s vest either from a physical store or order it online. Check Amazon, Etsy, and other online marketplaces to get different kinds of vests for your dog.

Etsy also has custom emotional support dog vest options and you can order them in any size including large, medium, and small emotional support dog vests.

How to Measure your Dog for an ESA Dog Vest?

Correct measurements are important for getting the right kind of vest for your dog. If the vest is too small or too big then it will not be as effective as you want it to be. When looking for a vest for your dog, measure your dog properly and make sure that you note down the measurements correctly.

Follow the below steps to measure your dog.

  • Get a flexible measuring tape and make your dog stand
  • Wrap the tape around the body and front legs of your dog
  • Measure the widest part of the body, which is the rib cage

An improperly fitted vest would irritate your dog and could make the movements difficult for him.

Choice of Fabric - What Kind of Vest Should You Get?

Other than the right measurements, the right kind of fabric is also important. Vests come in different fabrics, which means that you can choose from a variety of vests.

Below are some common kinds of vests.

  • Padded Vests - These vests come with a handle that is useful when you are walking your dog. They would weigh the same as your winter jacket and these are a form of harness vests.
  • Backpack Vests - These kinds of vests are ideal for people who have to carry a lot of things like books, gadgets, and clothes. However, this does not mean that you use your animal to carry the load. Be considerate and do not try to overload the vest.
  • Lightweight Cotton Vests - If you need a vest that your dog could wear throughout the year then you need a cotton vest. These vests are light in weight and are highly recommended if you do not want anything heavy or dense.

Best Choices for ESA Dog Vests - 2022

Here are the best emotional support dog vests for 2022.

  1. Industrial Puppy Harness (Best Value for Money)
  2. OneTigris Dog Vest (Tactical Emotional Support Dog Vest)
  3. Petjoy Dog Harness (Custom Emotional Support Animal Vest)
  4. RuffWear All-Day Harness (Best Choice)
  5. BarkOutfitters Vest Harness (Cheap Emotional Support Animal Vest)
  6. Icefang Tactical K9 Dog Harness (Highly Recommended)
  7. LifePul Front Clip Dog Harness (Simple but Chic)
  8. Ruffwear Secure Harness (Multifunctional)

Emotional support and therapy dogs are important for people having multiple emotional and mental limitations and a good dog vest helps in identifying them easily. There are many online sources that mislead the new ESA owners by saying that they need things like ESA certificates and vests for their animals.

While the vests are suggested, they are only a choice rather than a requirement. For the certificates, you need no animal certificate for your ESA. The only requirement is an ESA letter.

Please contact MyESALetter.net to get your letter that is signed by a licensed mental health professional. Fill the questionnaire and see if you qualify.

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