Top 15 Best Guard Dogs to Keep You Safe From Intruders

Guard dogs are special dogs bred and trained to guard houses, people, or a piece of land. People keep guard dogs to scare intruders. You might also have seen a sign outside a house warning that they have a guard dog inside.

You can have dogs as an emotional support animal, pet, and as a guard. As guard dogs, they can also handle cattle at a farm.

Guard dogs don’t harm everyone who enters the property. Instead, they can recognize their owners and alert their owners if some unknown person tries to enter.

If you want a guard dog for your house, and as a pet too, then keep reading this blog.

What is a Guard Dog?

A guard dog is trained to serve in the military or the police, assisting them in various ways. You can keep these guard dogs at home to guard or to control cattle at a farm. They are given intense training to stop an outsider from entering the property.

While it may be difficult to keep these dogs inside the house, you can keep them outside while taking good care of them. They are intelligent and can recognize outsiders.

Guard dogs are always on alert, and they don’t let their guard down like regular dogs. It might be a little intimidating to interact with a guard dog at first, but they will become friendly after you spend a little time with them.

There are many healthy dog breeds that can be kept as pets, but there are some specific dog breeds that should be preferred if you want to keep a guard dog.

What is the Difference Between a Guard Dog and a Watchdog?

A watchdog is a well-behaved dog that will alert its owner when an outsider tries to break in. Watch Dogs don’t attack or harm people. They will just bark or stop the outsider from getting in the house.

Guard dogs are usually trained to work for the military or to work at a farm. Of course, any dog can become a watchdog, but guard dogs receive proper training.

List of the Top 15 Best Guard Dog Breeds

Some dogs are naturally good guard dogs and can look after your family members. In addition, these guard dog breeds are easy to train and work as police dogs.

If you are looking for dog breeds that are naturally good at guarding and protecting family members and houses, continue reading the list given below:


Bullmastiff is known for its strength and natural protection instincts. They are very courageous and will protect your family with loyalty. Intruders should be scared of a bullmastiff because these dogs can knock down a person or block the intruder’s way.

A great thing about this breed is that if they are inside the house, they will become friendly and playful, so you don’t have to be scared of a bullmastiff. It is a perfect guard dog breed.

Doberman Pinscher

Pinschers are excellent guard dogs and can protect a large property area. They are strong, robust, and very active dogs that will get to work if someone tries to break into the property.

A pinscher is very fast when it is time to attack. Therefore, they are the best guard dog for women who live alone or want to feel secure.

It is one of the top guard dog breeds. Doberman Pinscher is the 5th most intelligent dog breed. They are known to be fearless and extremely loyal. If you want a Pinscher, make sure that you have a large playground because these dogs need a lot of exercise.


You might have heard of Rottweilers as great family pets, but they also make great guard dogs because of their intelligence and strength. These working dogs need plenty of exercise to remain fit. If you have kids, rottweilers will get attached to them. They are the best guard dogs for kids because of their loving and sweet nature.

You can trust Rottweilers with strangers because they don’t easily become friendly unless introduced. Dog owners love Rottweilers because this breed can learn quickly and protect dogs.


A Komondor is usually known to be a great herd leader. They can lead a pack of herds effectively because they are smart. They are usually not seen in homes and families, but they make a great pet if they are properly socialized.


Pulis is trained to work in herds mostly. However, they are also excellent guard dogs and protect their family by barking and alerting their owner. Puli’s are known as the best guard dogs that don’t shed.

Their high intelligence helps protect families and take care of their house. So, they are the best guard dogs for families. Pulis are active and will keep you fit as well. You won’t feel like they are guard dogs because they want companionship and are very loving.

Giant Schnauzer

The giant schnauzer is a strong dog that will protect homes and families. They will scare intruders but protect family members. Make sure that these dogs get a lot of exercise and also love. You have to give them a lot of attention, so they are mentally fit.

German Shepherd

“Which dog is best for home guarding?”

German Shepard is mostly preferred for home guarding. A german shepherd can learn commands quickly and also are good at responding. As a result, these dogs are some of the best protection dogs. They are possessive about their families and bold.

German shepherds don’t hesitate when it comes to protecting their family members. They respond quickly yet are very homely if you keep them as a house pet. This is why they are the best guard dogs for seniors.

Another dog from the ‘shepherd’ family of dogs is the Caucasian Shepherd Dog or the Russian Bear Dog. These dogs are big and their size alone is enough to make the intruder think again before entering your territory.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesians are strong dogs that were originally bred to hunt lions, so they are so strong. They are very selective at barking, which is nice to keep them home.

They are natural watchdogs, but you still need to train them to be inside the house. These dogs are lovely and will ask you for attention by sitting in your lap.


Another guard dog breed is naturally very protective and territorial of their family and house. Kuvasz is a loyal, strong, and mature dog that will protect its family no matter what.

They are loyal to their owners and will want attention. This breed will keep you fit because they love to exercise.

Staffordshire Terrier

The Staffordshire terrier looks like a pit bull and is an excellent guard dog. They are fearless, strong, and will make you feel safe. They are very powerful because mostly, they are trained for bullfighting.

The training makes them aggressive, which is why it is important to properly socialize them so they can learn how to behave around humans. They are only aggressive when protecting a family member. Otherwise, they are very friendly.

Cane Corso

Cane Corsos are also called bodyguard dogs because they can easily be trained to protect family and house. Once trained, they are assertive and will respond quickly in case of a difficult situation.


Boxers are one of the favorite watch dogs because of their friendly and loving nature when off duty. These are small dogs that can fit comfortably in a small house. They will easily become a loving pet dog and keep you safe as well.

They are the best guard dogs for first-time owners because they are not too intimidating yet will keep you safe.

Belgian Laekenois

You can identify a Belgian Laekenois by their rough fur coat. Even though they are adorable looking and playful, they will keep your property free from intruders.

Tibetan Mastiff

“What is the #1 guard dog in the world?”

The Tibetan Mastiff is considered the best guard dog in the world. The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient dog that looks like a lion from a distance. They are huge, fluffy, and very cuddly. However, they are great protectors and will scare anyone trying to break into their house.

Belgian Malinois

“Which breed of dog is the most protective?”

Belgian Malinois is a very protective guard dog breed. They are a strong and tall breed that keeps the herd united. Moreover, these dogs are muscular but not bulky and will protect you if someone tries to attack.

Exercise is important to keep your Belgian Malinois healthy. Keeping an active dog as a guard dog is a great way to keep yourself fit too.

What Qualities Make a Good Guard Dog?

There are some qualities required in a guard dog. If you want to get a guard dog, it is important to look for the following qualities:

  • Intelligence is important in a guard dog. Intelligent dogs learn quickly and will not hurt family members.
  • Loyalty is required in a guard dog. If a guard dog trusts everyone, it can’t be trusted. Therefore, get a dog breed that you can trust.
  • A guard dog should be loyal and brave.
  • Guard dogs can be giant but they should always be gentle. There are some breeds mentioned above that are huge in size but so gentle with their family members.

A guard dog will become your pet dog once they are inside the house. These gentle giants will protect you and keep your house safe from dangerous people.

If you are also interested in keeping a guard dog, then you can select a guard dog from the above-mentioned guard dogs.

Besides, you can also choose one of them as your ESA and get an emotional support dog letter for him. Believe us, these dogs are more than capable of supporting you mentally and emotionally.

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