Best Flea Treatment for Dogs - Effective Medication in 2022

Fleas are tiny, but they can be very irritating. As the name itself suggests, these bugs live on the fur of animals and suck their blood for food. These fleas are pesky little creatures that come out during summer because it is warm outside.

The first thing you need to do is take a good look at your pet's coat for signs of flea infestation. Most of the time, you will find them scurrying around your pet's back with their tiny legs moving in all directions.

These creatures are very versatile when it comes to biting animals; they can bite both cats and dogs. However, there is something that is bothering you. "How do I know if my dog has fleas?"

Lucky for you, there are many ways to identify whether your pet has flea infestation or not.

In this blog on the best flea treatment for dogs, we have listed some of the most common ways on how to check if your dog has fleas plus some top medications.

Best Flea Treatment for Dogs - Best 2022 Options

Looking for good and easy-to-use flea treatment methods for your pet and emotional support dog? Here are the top treatment choices in 2022.

  • Advantage Multi for Dogs (best flea medicine for dogs)

One of the best treatment options, Advantage Multi, is a combination of Imidacloprid and Moxidectin.

The first compound makes sure that adult fleas will die within 12 hours, while the second ensures protection against heartworm and gastrointestinal worms and external parasites such as ticks and mites.

How to Use It:

Using the medicine is easy. Just apply the medicine every 30 days directly on the dog's skin. Within hours, the liquid medicine is absorbed and dried. You don't need to wear gloves when using Advantage Multi, unlike with some of the other topical preventive.

If you come in contact with the substance, simply wash it away with soap and water.

Regardless of whether you use it on yourself or your dog, keep dogs at a safe distance from the application site for 30 afterward.

Children should not be in touch with the treatment location for two hours after administration.

  • Frontline Plus for Dogs (the best flea medicine for dogs)

Frontline Plus is available in both topical and collar form. As a topical treatment, the medicine comes in the form of a liquid that you apply to your dog's skin.

The topical application should take place on the back of the neck and will protect against fleas for up to three months. It has active ingredients including fipronil and (S)-methoprene.

These ingredients break the flea lifecycle at each life stage effectively and completely. Fipronil helps in killing adult ticks and fleas while S-methoprene helps in preventing the eggs, pupae, and larvae from developing fully.

How to Use It:

The Frontline Plus application should be done during or right before your dog's regular grooming, so it will get used to the products being applied onto its body. To apply, start by making sure that both you and your pet are in a well-lit area.

The next step is to read the instructions carefully on how much of each product to use. It is recommended that you apply the topical treatment to the dog's back between his shoulder blades.

Just squeeze the contents directly onto the dog's skin. The medicine speeds up and gets absorbed.

  • Simparica Trio - Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs

Simparica is a new form of oral treatment for fleas. This is a good option for those looking to protect their pet from all the six types of intestinal worms and fleas at once, as it contains moxidectin, pyrantel, and Sarolaner.

They are chewable tablets that are fast-acting and are helpful in getting rid of 100% of the adult fleas on the dog.

According to Crumley, 'Oral products have the benefit of broad coverage to reach every spot of skin without the chance of the product being washed off.’

Rarely, a pet will have mild intestinal upset with any oral product. If that occurs then that pet will do better with one of the system-absorbed topical choices.'

To buy the medicine, you will need a prescription from a veterinarian. Moreover, this medication is not suitable for dogs having a history of neurological disorders or if it is having heartworms.

How to Use It:

The chewables are liver-flavored and they could be given once a month. it could be given with the meals also.

  • Capstar for Dogs - Effective Flea Treatment for Puppies and Dogs

Capstar is a fast and cheap way of getting rid of fleas on dogs. It contains Nitenpyram, the active ingredient; that works by paralyzing and killing adult fleas within 30 minutes after taking it.

The medication could be bought without the veterinarian's prescription. It could be used for flea control only and is safe to be used for puppies as young as 4 weeks.

The active ingredient in the medication is nitenpyram, which works fast and helps in eliminating fleas in as little as 30 minutes. it could kill nearly 100% of adult fleas in just four hours.

Though the protection lasts for 24 hours only, it is safe to be used daily.

How to Use It:

Apply it topically daily or when needed. It is especially helpful for puppies who are not old enough to take oral pills and medication.

  • Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs and Puppies

Seresto is a flea and tick collar that repels and kills ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, biting flies, lice, and mites for eight continuous months.

The product contains imidacloprid 10% and flumethrin 5%, the two ingredients combined to kill all existing adult fleas. In addition to the insect repellent, it also has an odor.

It is easy to apply and use for both dogs and puppies. The product contains no messy oils or sprays thus making it safe for your dog's body.

It can be used on any breed of dog ranging from teacup dogs up to Great Danes.

How to Use It:

Simply open the package to expose the collar. Adjust it to your dog's neck size and secure the buckle to close it. Most dogs don't mind wearing this collar since it is comfortable to wear and causes no irritation or itching issues.

Moreover, you could wash the dog's hair right over the place where the collar has been applied. It is water-resistant and safe for puppies and adult dogs.

Besides, there are other flea and tick treatment and prevention methods also that include flea spray.

Other medication options also include Bravecto chews for dogs, that prevent fleas and ticks for up to 12 weeks, Bravecto Topical for Dogs, or K9 Advantix II.

Dogs and cats have different requirements and, therefore, their medication is also different.

Types of Flea and Tick Treatment - Available Options

Here are some commonly used flea treatment and control products. You can choose any of them for your ease and help your pooch.

  • Topical Treatments
  • As the name itself suggests it is a treatment method wherein you have to apply some ointments or creams directly to the dog's skin.

    Topical treatments are generally effective in eliminating fleas, ticks, and their eggs from your dog's body. It is a very convenient way of getting rid of these parasites as they do not require professional attention.

    Some popular topicals are Frontline Plus, Advantage Top Spot, Capstar Flea Tablet for dogs, Vectra 3D, and Comfortis.

  • Tick Collars
  • Collars are another popular method of flea treatment for dogs, which is easy to use and quite affordable. The collar releases a very small dose of pesticide across the skin and hair coat of the dog, which eliminates all external parasites.

    The collar usually contains an insecticide called permethrin, which is approved for sale by the FDA. However, it is not effective anymore towards the end of its life cycle (2-3 months).

    So you have to replace the collar every two-three months.

    Tick collars are not as effective as topicals, but they are somewhat reliable for preventing ticks. And nothing can beat the convenience of using a tick collar.

  • Flea Shampoos
  • Flea shampoos were considered to be the most effective method in killing fleas in dogs in recent years. However, since topicals have come into the market there is only minimal use of these shampoos anymore.

    But still, you can try them if your dog has severe flea problems and nothing else seems to work.

    Treating your dog with flea shampoos is similar to how you treat yourself. You can either make your own shampoo at home by adding some natural ingredients like lemon, vinegar, or baking soda or just buy any flea shampoo from the pet supermarket.

  • Flea Spray
  • As the name suggests it is a liquid solution sprayed on your dog's skin. Flea spray generally contains insecticides, which kill not only existing parasites but also those that are about to come.

    Spraying your pet with flea sprays does not provide immediate relief as they take a few hours to show their effects. So you have to be patient enough to put your dog somewhere safe for a few hours until the spray works.

    Do not worry about your dog's safety as these sprays are usually non-toxic and environment-friendly. And you can use them on kittens too without any hesitation.

  • Flea Collars
  • Like tick collars, flea collars release very small doses of pesticides in the environment of your dog that keeps fleas away. In fact, they are even more effective than tick collars as they provide protection from a wide range of parasites, including ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects.

    Flea collars can be used in combination with topicals and sprays for better results and maximum safety. If you want to give your dog some rest from all the chemicals try using natural flea collars instead.

How to Know if Your Dog has Fleas

If your dog's bed or sleeping areas are infested with fleas, then there is a good chance that your pup has flea bites. Some pets like cats and humans may not be able to feel the discomfort of little bugs.

However, your dog is completely different. They feel pain and will start to scratch the bitten areas if it starts getting too uncomfortable.

If you find tiny brownish-red specks on your pet's coat, this could mean that they already have a flea infestation. A quick way of checking for these bugs is by running a fine-toothed comb through your dog's coat.

Since fleas are very small, you might need to look up close to find them.

If you notice that your furry friend is scratching a lot and can't stop, there could be several causes behind their discomfort. It could be an allergic reaction or flea bites themselves.

However, you should try to look for these bugs or tiny red specks because they will help you determine whether your pup has fleas or not.

Now that you have found the pesky little creatures, it's time to take action. Here are some tips on how to get rid of fleas in dogs. Just remember not to panic when you see the signs if your dog has fleas.

Many people do not know how to groom a dog. However, you can try several solutions to help groom your dog and get rid of these bugs.

Home Remedies to Prevent Fleas in Dogs

Besides the chemical treatments and medication given in this blog, you can also use some home remedies to prevent fleas in Coco. Here are some simple and easy ways of doing it;

  • Comb Your Dog Regularly
  • If you comb your pet often, it helps prevent fleas in dogs. It helps get rid of the eggs which are dropped by the adult fleas.

    You should give your furry friend a thorough combing at least once in two weeks to keep pesky little critters away.

  • Bathe Your Dog Frequently
  • The easiest way to get rid of fleas and their eggs is by bathing them with mild shampoos that kill these insects on contact.

    The chemicals present in shampoos will kill the germs and prevent them from being transferred to your dog again.

  • Use a Flea Collar
  • It is also helpful if you use a flea collar with activated carbon for dogs. These collars prevent mosquitoes and other tiny bugs from attacking your pet.

    This collar should be regularly replaced as per the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Use Natural Repellents for Dogs
  • There are several pet-friendly herbal solutions that can help prevent fleas in dogs without harming them.

    You can try using rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus oils to keep bugs at bay. Just add a few drops of these essential oils to your pet's bedding or collar.

  • Keep the Home Environment Clean
  • One of the most important things you should do to prevent fleas in dogs is keeping their sleeping area and surrounding homes clean.

    If you see signs of flea infestation on your pet, it means that they are coming from somewhere else.

    Check your pet's bedding, carpets, and even furniture for tiny bugs. They feed on your dog's blood and then lay eggs. If you remove the source, you will be able to control fleas effectively.

  • Use Heated Vacuum Cleaners
  • You can also use a heated vacuum cleaner to suck up the adult fleas from their hiding places around your home.

    You can buy one from any hardware store or supermarket that sells appliances. This will help you get rid of fleas in dogs instantly.

  • Clean Your Pet's Bedding Regularly
  • Since adult bugs tend to lay eggs on your dog's bedding, make sure that you clean them regularly with hot water and mild detergents.

You should also dry the beddings in direct sunlight before using them again. This way, you can prevent fleas in dogs by killing off eggs that are dropped by adult bugs.

Moreover, use good dog nail clippers to keep your dog’s nails clipped and maintain pepper hygiene.

It is said that prevention is better than cure, and this is true in the case of flea prevention also. Therefore, it is better to use preventive methods rather than waiting for the worst.

Talk to your veterinarian and schedule a regular flea prevention routine for your dog.

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