Having a Pet you Might Have Come Across one or More of Such Situations

  • 99% of landlords, hotels, and motels do not allow people who have pets to enter. (Though an authentic ESA letter will help you visit places where animals are not allowed. But before you go, make sure they know about your pet.)
  • 99% of the time pets aren’t allowed in government buildings and facilities. They don't allow any animals.
  • 100% of restaurants, schools, and theatres have banned pets from entering their premises.
  • 100% of airlines, bus lines, trains, and cruise lines reject animals on-board or cost additional charges.

Don’t Worry - MyESALetter.net has Good News for You!

A legally enforceable ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional is the only document that lets you take your pet almost anywhere. That's because it eliminates most of the restrictions and ensures your rights and privileges as an ESA owner.

The Obvious & Immediate Benefits of an ESA Letter are

  • You can live with your ESA at any place you want, regardless of their “pet policies”. Even a no-pet society can’t ban you from bringing your ESA along to live.
  • You won’t have to pay those crazy “pet fees or deposits”. No landlord can charge you any extra amount for accommodating your ESA.
  • According to the Housing laws for ESA, no one can discriminate against the color, size, or breed of your animal. You can have any domestic animal as an ESA with you.
  • Airlines might allow you to take your small well- trained ESAs along on a flight.

Having an ESA with you can make people feel good. With your pet, anxiety goes away and you can be at your happiest. You'll also be able to work in the best possible way.

A legal and authentic ESA letter is your key to turn your dreams into reality!

With your ESA Letter, you will not be worried about owning a pet. You can go to most places and your landlord will also be okay with this because they know the law.

Restaurants, bars, and grocery stores are not required by law to let your pet in. But if you have an ESA letter showing it is an emotional support animal, most will.