About Us - Read How We Care for You and Your Pet’s Needs!

Who Are We?

MyESALetter.net is an online service that helps mentally or emotionally challenged people in getting their pets registered as emotional support animals. We can provide you with an authentic and legally enforceable ESA letter.

Why Do We Care?

We understand that you are a mental health patient and your pet is the only source of emotional and psychological support for you. We have catered to over 15000 clients and have helped them register their pets as ESAs. We know your pets help you strive through your illness and provide you with the required comfort, so we are here to help.

How Can We Help?

MyESALetter.net has a team of 50+ licensed mental health professionals that are present here around the clock to write your legit ESA letters. We have designed a simple questionnaire that you need to fill in. This is to check if you qualify for an ESA letter or not. If you do, you are asked to place an order and you get an ESA letter within 24 hours easily.

So, we help you live and be with your emotional support animal whenever and wherever you want. With a legitimate ESA letter for housing, you can live with your pet even in a no-pet housing society. No landlord or property manager can deny you accommodation or discriminate against your support animal.

Similarly, with an ESA letter for flying you increase your chances of traveling with your emotional support animal. You can carry your reasonably sized, well-mannered emotional support dog and other animals within the airplane cabin along if the airlines allow you to do so. They will more likely permit if you submit the request well within the time and show them a valid ESA letter.

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What Makes Us the Best?

100% Legally

Our ESA letters are written in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These letters are legally enforceable according to the US Department of Housing (HUD) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

Simple Process

The process to get ESA letters at our service is very easy. Just fill in the questionnaire, place the order, make an initial payment and you get a valid letter within 24 hours according to your chosen mode of delivery.

100% Reliable

You can trust our writing service with your time and money. We are completely reliable as we have provided valid ESA letters to over fifteen thousand clients. You can read the customer reviews on our website to see for yourself.

Types of ESA Letters that We Provide

There are three main types of ESA letters that we provide:

ESA Letters for Housing

ESA letters for housing are provided to the people who want to live with their emotional support animals legally. This letter ensures that you can enjoy accommodation with your ESA even in a no-pet housing society. Other places where you can use this letter are dorms, co-ops, apartments, hostels, houses, etc.

ESA Letter for Flying

An ESA letter for flying is used by people who want to air travel with their emotional support animals. This letter helps you convince the airline that your pet is not an ordinary animal rather it is an ESA. So, if it is reasonably sized and well-mannered they might allow you to carry it along in the cabin.

Combo ESA Letter

A combo ESA letter is an overall ESA letter that declares you as an ESA owner and your pet as an emotional support animal. With this letter, you can easily request your landlord or property manager for accommodation. Moreover, you can also show it to the airlines for seeking traveling permission with your ESA.

No more leaving your ESA behind! No more accommodation stress!

Get an ESA letter from MyESALetter.net today and relieve yourself of all such worries.

Trust us, because we care!